A bit of winter pruning…

Hi all,

We’re having a bit of a tidy up in the background here at gillblow.co.uk. Part of this is getting rid of a lot of spam accounts that we’ve gathered over the last year or two and putting some measures in place that will stop them from coming back.

There’s quite a few of these little blighters, and I’ll be very careful not to delete any real people’s accounts – but I might just snag one or two, especially if the email address doesn’t match the username in some way, or they haven’t posted any comments etc.

Anyway, if I do accidentally snag a real person, please accept my humble apologies – it’s nothing personal. You will be able to register again with no problems – and I shouldn’t have to do anything like this again if the measure I mentioned earlier work (and it looks like they are!)

Thanks for your understanding :)


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