Ebbs and Flows


A strict set of instructions to my writer self:- STOP thinking you’re rubbish, can’t write, never will write another word, that you’ll never write a novel or a short story or a radio play because you can’t even write one blinking sentence. This is not true, I have written loads of words and sentences but they’re rubbish! Sorry, told myself to stop thinking that.

I’m at a low ebb. Don’t go telling me all writers go through this block (it’s not a block it’s Everest!) I feel lousy. Don’t tell me it will be fine. It won’t ever never be fine again!!


I’ve just got to wait.

Something will happen.

It has before.

Forget about writing, Gill. Go for a walk – go to the beach – watch the ebb, wait and wait …… and wait for the flow. It’s bound to come…..it always does.




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