TAKE VII debut performance this week!

Seven monologues and readings of my work are going to be performed by great actors Phil and Laura on Friday and Saturday this week (15th and 16th March). We three started to talk about this last October, and we’ve had such a good time preparing and rehearsing not simply because it’s something new, something different, and demanded much more from the actors, but mainly because of the collaboration that we’ve shared as the rehearsals progressed towards performance. We’ve talked about the ‘feel’ of each piece, the moves, the atmosphere, the words. Phil and Laura become several different characters each night, each of whom are telling their individual stories.

They include a middle-aged woman struggling to come to terms with big changes in her life, a man whose routine evening of cards with friends turns into something sinister, and Clive, an Elvis impersonator for the ‘elderlies’ who gets into hot water with his tight drainpipes and Sandra. The final performance is a duologue where Phil and Laura become ‘The Couple’ a ¬†story which acts as a full stop to end the evening.

The performances are at The Old Nick, Spring Gardens, Gainsborough (near to Marshal;l’s Yard) and they are FREE but please book in advance at the Box Office of Gainsborough Theatre Club (01427 810616) ¬†Audiences will be asked to give their comments about the production which will really help us to develop it and other similar productions further.

Here we go! Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to TAKE VII debut performance this week!

  1. Drew says:

    Thank you – enjoyed the evening and have sent my review to Phil. Now I have to start writing as you have awoken the need to tell my stories. What have you done!


    • Gill says:

      Thanks Drew – so pleased you enjoyed it – and if it’s nudged you back into writing again, that’s excellent. Are you a short story writer?
      We had good and constructive feedback from the audience on both nights, which we will consider seriously as we develop this programme. Working with Phil and Laura has been such a great experience – so we hope to do it again!
      Best wishes

  2. Drew says:

    I do write but usually for myself – never been brave enough to share them. I’m pleased you got such a positive response to the evening – you all deserved it.

    If you need a space to perform in Mansfield I would suggest the new Create Theatre at West Notts College.

    Success in your future work and thanks again for a great evening in the theatre.

    • Gill says:

      Would you share them with me? I’d love to read them.
      Thank you so much for your review…..we are all so pleased with your comments and will certainly take them into account when planning next move and developing the work.
      And more thanks for suggesting Create Theatre…..this is exactly what we want to do, take it around as many places as possible. Much appreciated Drew.

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